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Avas Flowers Account's Newest Feature-Reward Points System

In an opportunity to reward loyal customers, Avas Flowers has created a new Rewards Point System.  Customers will now be able to choose from several options to better assist them in sending flowers to their loved ones. 

Avas Flowers makes flower delivery easier than it ever was before by allowing customers to track deliveries, manage an online address book, receive points that can be used to redeem Avas Flowers products such as bouquets, and many other new and exciting features never seen before.

Avas Flowers Account's Newest Feature-Reward Points System

Get Your Own Orchid Named After You

There are thousands upon thousands of naturally occurring types of orchids, but the market for hybrid orchids has allowed consumers to name the new varieties. The white moth orchid, has gone from being almost impossible to find to an industry staple. However, unique orchids have grown quite popular over the past few years.  

This leaves a fertile market for hybridizers and so-called 'plant artists' who are slowly adding their names to plants and flowers by constantly creating new variations of them. Grocery stores and florists stock orchid plants in many other varieties and hybrids. 

Need Help Selecting A Gift

Avas Flowers has recently added a helpful new feature to their website designed to help customers find a gift who are unsure of what to send their loved ones on special occasions such as holidays and birthdays.

With the large number of products available on the the Avas Flowers website, such as gift baskets, vase arrangements and sympathy flowers, picking out a simple floral gift can seem extremely complicated, even when it’s not. 

Avas Flowers wants to help their shoppers make those hard decisions with the addition of their new virtual shopping assistant; Ava Rose.

Imagine a scenario where a hesitant customer walks into a shop on the street and a sales assistant makes an offer to help them in deciding what to purchase. 

From the moment that customer walks through the door, a good sales assistant will make suggestions about what that customer might like based on a basic knowledge of what they are looking for.

Ava acts in the same manner as a live assistant and will walk customers through the entire ordering process from start to finish. 

Simply answer a few quick and easy questions based on color, price range, and occasion type and Ava will return a page full of shopping results based on your criterion. 

If you’re looking for sympathy flowers for a funeral, a gift basket for Thanksgiving, or a beautiful mixed flower bouquet to surprise your spouse with on your anniversary, Ava is there to help you pick out the perfect gift for any occasion.

So whether you’re making your first  purchase or are a return customer, this virtual shopping assistant does all of the work for you.  Let Ava assist you on your next purchase and see how smart she really is.  We think that you will be pleasantly surprised.

Avas Flowers Donates To The American Cancer Society

Avas Flowers is proud to sponsor the American Cancer Society’s Celebrating Women of Excellence in Health Care On November 16, 2011. The fund-raising awards ceremony was held at the Dyker Beach Golf Course on 86th Street and 7th Avenue in New York City’s Brooklyn.

The American Cancer Society had honored 11 of their own women who are their health care leaders that represent hospitals all across Brooklyn.The women honored are some of Brooklyn’s own doctors, nurses, and health care experts.

Also honored was C.E.O Debra D. Carey, MS, of SUNY Downstate Medical Center, University Hospital of Brooklyn and Long Island College Hospital who received the Distinguished Leadership Award.

The proceeds of the event are to be going to Brooklyn’s 4,000 plus patients, and their families, whom are dealing with the disease and also for researching cures for breast and gynecologic cancers.

The gala included a cocktail hour followed by the reception. The ceremony was held to recognize these women for their hard work and contributions to the medical field. The honorees received flowers donated by Avas Flowers.

The cause had received 200 premium, fresh cut roses from Avas Flowers to give to all of those being honored. Also sent were yellow and white assorted flowers with greenery which were created into 25 centerpieces for the tables.

The event's theme was purple and gold, which is why the donated roses and assorted flowers were arranged in short glass vases which adorned the tables dressed in purple table cloths.

Avas Flowers is honored and appreciative to stand behind this worthwhile cause and is proud to be able to contribute to honoring the women who have given so much to those in need of a helping hand.

The honorees were recognized for going above and beyond to bring support to those battling cancer, locating the best in the world researchers to help find a cure, and fighting to pass laws which battle cancer.

Avas Flowers had proudly contributed to the event to recognize the honorees for all the hard work they have done in order to raise awareness and research for a cure for cancer.

Avas Flowers Is Now Available On Twylah

Avas Flowers takes pride in their keeping their customers well informed about their latest news and newest promotions. In order to reach out to as many people as possible, the flower company has added Twylah to their social media sites.

Most people find that Facebook is the most efficient way to communicate due to it’s well organized and simplistic website. Twitter appears to many people as difficult and confusing being that there is no direction as to what to do on the site.

Twylah recognizes this issue and their intention is to a make site that is simplified and associated with Twitter. Avas Flowers sees the advantage of using this in an effort keep all of their existing customers better informed and to welcome new guests.

When someone is browsing a site, the first thing they notice is how effortlessly they are able to move through the site. If it appears to be unorganized and time consuming, they will move on to another.

Avas Flowers understands the importance of navigability, which is why Twylah was added as a social media sites. This not only draws Twitter followers but invites guests who do not have Twitter accounts to be able to access their page and allows their tweets to be read in a direct and clear fashion.

With this site, Avas Flowers is able to categorize all tweets and uploads to make the viewing experience for their followers easier. By doing this, it makes all messages and tweets easier for the reader to understand.

One of the great features of the site is “Power Tweet”. This feature allows the shop to share videos, articles, and other links easily. The page includes the video or other links the shop wishes to share, a link that directs the viewer back to their homepage, and other topic related tweets.

What Avas Flowers likes most about Twylah is that the site allows them to have an actual site with them, instead of just another page.  This allows more to be incorporated into the site the guest is viewing instead of just a stream of tweets.

Twylah allows their to be more exposure for the flower shop on major search engines such as Google and Bing. This makes their page accessible to many more people and makes it much easier.

Avas Flowers is able to have a Twylah page that is fully created around their own tweets. All videos, articles, and great pictures that Avas Flowers shares is easily accessed.

The site organizes all tweets into categories i.e. Christmas, anniversaries, plant care, etc. This helps viewers find exactly what they are looking for much faster and easier.

Adding Twylah as a social media platform will be benefit the flower shop and customers. It provides easy access to helpful hints, plant care videos, gift ideas, and more!

The primary goal of Avas Flowers is to make sure that customers are always satisfied and needs are meet quickly and efficiently. Twylah will no doubt create an easily accessible bridge between company and visitors.

Avas Flowers Incorporates Google Checkout In Website

In a continuing effort to create the easiest and most pleasant shopping experience for its customers, Avas Flowers has recently added Google Checkout to their preferred payment methods.  Google Checkout is a faster, more secure way to purchase from Avas Flowers and other stores on the web using a single user-name and password.  

With Google Checkout, shoppers can purchase flowers, fruit baskets and other arrangement with confidence in knowing that their credit card number and personal information will not be shared with other sellers or business’ after the order has been placed.  

Avas Flowers emphasizes that keeping personal information secure is a top priority for consumers today when ordering online and is taking added precaution to put its customers at ease when placing an order online.

Google Checkout also provides added fraud protection and has a dedicated page for tracking the status’ of purchases.  This is another reason Avas Flowers has decided to add Google Checkout to their payment methods as it helps to better assist customers in knowing when to expect their delivery and to have the ability to make sure they are at home when their arrangement or fruit basket arrives.  

Avas Flowers understands the importance of every floral order and wants to ensure that each and every customer is satisfied with their purchase.  When you're ready to complete your purchase, simply click the Google Checkout button.  

Sign in, review your order and you're done.  It’s as simple as that and there’s no need to sign up ahead of time. Do your shopping, find the items you wish to purchase, add the them to your cart and complete your purchase.  It’s as simple as that.

Google Checkout may also be used with Google Wallet, a mobile payment system that allows users to store credit cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards among other things, as well as redeeming sales promotions on their mobile phone and online.  Yet another way that Avas Flowers is makign the online shopping experience more enjoyable for its customers.

Enjoy your Google Checkout experience and always remember that you are not required to use Google Checkout or Google Wallet  to complete your purchase.  Google Checkout and Google Wallet are simply new payment options designed to making purchasing easier for Avas Flowers and its customers and if you still prefer to checkout with the standard form, you are welcome to do so.

Japan Uses Flowers To Put An End To Crime

What is the best way to fight crime? With flowers of course! The Japanese have devised a clever way to combat crime utilizing gardens and flowers. 

Back in 2002, an astounding 1,710 homes were broken into in Suginami, a district of Tokyo. This had the residents very unsettled and concerned for the safety of their homes and families.

The entire town had felt the need to devise and plan in which everyone can work together to bring more security to the town. The wanted a cost efficient and productive way to bring back the safety of their once peaceful town.

As a result of this unbelievably high crime rate, the residents of Suginami are taking a stand and making their homes more safe and beautiful at the same time. In 2006, “Operation Flower” had began. The intention of this plan was to bring the community outside more often in order to be a constant lookout of the town.

The idea behind this action was to plant flowers and gardens in the front of the home. All gardens were asked to be planted facing the street. Residents used blooming plants like orchids, in addition to other green plants. This brought everyone in the community outside their homes everyday. 

The purpose was that homeowners were obligated to tend to and care for their flowers and green plants on a daily basis outside. Invaders are less likely to break into a home when their neighborhood has many eye witnesses present. For them, the risk is most likely not worth the gain, leading them away from the community.

The best way to protect your home is to be attuned to who and what you are surrounded by. Familiarizing yourself with the usual scenery and people of your community allows you to spot abnormality easily. The more time the homeowners spend outside of their home, the safer they were from burglars. They had become their own security system.

By being outside, they were deterring invaders from attempting to enter their home and are able to watch the homes of their neighbors as well. In 2008, along with the help of new security cameras and volunteers to patrol the neighborhoods, “Operation Flower” was proven a success.

The crime rate had dropped an amazing 80% from 2002. That is definitely flower power! The community still urges residents to be an active part of  "Operation Flower". 

The town is more than pleased with the results and continues to make sure their town is a safe and beautiful place for their families to live. It just goes to show how incorporating flowers in your daily life can also help save your family and home. 

Woman Caught Stealing Flowers From Grave Site

Betty Nelson, 53 has been caught vandalizing a grave site. The sad news is this isn’t the first time she has committed such a crime. Nelson had also previously been caught stealing flowers from a grave site.

For the crime, she was charged with a felony count for theft and vandalizing a grave site. The probation period is to last a year and a half. The second crime was committed during the period of probation.

The grave site of Joy Spiller was damaged and the theft occurred late at night. It is unknown what she had done with the flowers.

The most common flowers left at grave sites are roses, which is a premium flower of high quality. Betty Nelson was seen ripping blooming plants apart as well as breaking ceramic keepsakes left by family members.

After the original crime of the vandalizing had taken place, Linda Adkins, the daughter of Joy Spiller had secretly placed a camera focusing on the grave site to capture future crimes that may occur.

Talk about having a hunch! Nelson had struck again this time committing the crime of stealing flowers from Joy Spiller’s Lakeview grave site.

With the evidence, police were able to convict Nelson of the crime. Betty Nelson was unable to be reached via phone or by public records for any comments.

Parent Appreciation Day

Even though everyday should be Parent Appreciation Day, the holiday is officially celebrated on September 30th, 2011. Parent Appreciation Day highlights the love, caring, and dedication our parents give us throughout our lives. 

Our parents are always there for us. From recitals, football games, and skinned knees. Dads who help mend broken hearts, and moms who arrange the perfect meals to celebrate an occasion, or simply to cheer you up, are simply the best.

So why not celebrate them? Show your love and appreciation for all the times they’ve been there for you. Parents are the cornerstones of communities and families. 

You can express your appreciation through fresh cut flowers, or a special arrangement that can be customized with your preferences. Send mom's favorite colors, and dad a fruit and gourmet basket that he'll love. 

Parents deserve so much more than a holiday, because they love us and sacrifice for us everyday. Join in on the fun and participate! The best reward is to let them know how much you love and appreciate them.

 Celebrate your family. Slow down, and take the time to just tell your parents, or those who have served as parental figures in your life, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU'VE DONE!

What Flowers Are Edible?

We see them all the time, we send them as gifts, walk past them in the park but never do we... eat them?! 

Flowers have become more and more popular in recipes and chefs have begun to incorporate flowers into their repertoire. Most wouldn't consider flowers as food items, but would you try it? 

For those with a more savory taste pallet, try easing into the idea with a flower you already eat... broccoli!  Many are surprised to find out that broccoli is not only considered a vegetable but it is also classified as a flower.

Chefs recommend sunflowers since their flavor resembles that of an artichoke. Marigolds can be compared to the sharp taste of saffron and can be used in soups and other dishes as a spice. 

For a zesty, tasty flower salad, use tulip petals and pansies in place of lettuce, and nasturtiums to add a peppery taste. Top it off with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette to give it a sweet and tangy taste.

 This easy-to-make recipe is something the whole family can enjoy, but make sure to only get flowers from your own garden or ask your florist if chemicals have been used on the flowers from their growers.

 There are also sweet tasting flowers that you can incorporate into desert. It is not uncommon to use flowers in deserts, many chefs have used flowers like lavender or rose for their fragrance and flavors.

Candied flowers are used in wide variety. Pastry chefs will use candied flower petals as accents to cakes and other deserts, while crystallized flowers can be used in sherberts, ice cream, fruit salads, and cocktails. 

For a more unique experience, adults can enjoy a sweet treat of carnation petals dipped in wine. Kids of all ages can enjoy carnations on cakes. 

For a twist on tea, try adding rose petals. The most flavorful are normally the most fragrant ones. No matter what your pallet, there is a flower for everyone. 

From savory to sweet, flowers are a healthy and natural snack that can be easily enjoyed without too much preparation. Not only do they look great, they taste great too!


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