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What Flowers Are Edible?

You knew you could send flowers as a gift, but did you know you could eat them too? Be careful you will need to pick the flowers to eat. Do not eat....


Avas Flowers (Press Release)

October 2011 - We see them all the time, we send them as gifts, walk past them in the park but never do we... eat them?! 

Flowers have become more and more popular in recipes and chefs have begun to incorporate flowers into their repertoire. Most wouldn't consider flowers as food items, but would you try it? 

For those with a more savory taste pallet, try easing into the idea with a flower you already eat... broccoli!  Many are surprised to find out that broccoli is not only considered a vegetable but it is also classified as a flower.

Chefs recommend sunflowers since their flavor resembles that of an artichoke. Marigolds can be compared to the sharp taste of saffron and can be used in soups and other dishes as a spice. 

For a zesty, tasty flower salad, use tulip petals and pansies in place of lettuce, and nasturtiums to add a peppery taste. Top it off with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette to give it a sweet and tangy taste.

 This easy-to-make recipe is something the whole family can enjoy, but make sure to only get flowers from your own garden or ask your florist if chemicals have been used on the flowers from their growers.

 There are also sweet tasting flowers that you can incorporate into desert. It is not uncommon to use flowers in deserts, many chefs have used flowers like lavender or rose for their fragrance and flavors.

Candied flowers are used in wide variety. Pastry chefs will use candied flower petals as accents to cakes and other deserts, while crystallized flowers can be used in sherberts, ice cream, fruit salads, and cocktails. 

For a more unique experience, adults can enjoy a sweet treat of carnation petals dipped in wine. Kids of all ages can enjoy carnations on cakes. 

For a twist on tea, try adding rose petals. The most flavorful are normally the most fragrant ones. No matter what your pallet, there is a flower for everyone. 

From savory to sweet, flowers are a healthy and natural snack that can be easily enjoyed without too much preparation. Not only do they look great, they taste great too!

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