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Japan Uses Flowers To Put An End To Crime

Japan urges citizens to grow gardens to stop burglaries. By using gardens, citizens were able to...


Avas Flowers (Press Release)

November 2011 - What is the best way to fight crime? With flowers of course! The Japanese have devised a clever way to combat crime utilizing gardens and flowers. 

Back in 2002, an astounding 1,710 homes were broken into in Suginami, a district of Tokyo. This had the residents very unsettled and concerned for the safety of their homes and families.

The entire town had felt the need to devise and plan in which everyone can work together to bring more security to the town. The wanted a cost efficient and productive way to bring back the safety of their once peaceful town.

As a result of this unbelievably high crime rate, the residents of Suginami are taking a stand and making their homes more safe and beautiful at the same time. In 2006, “Operation Flower” had began. The intention of this plan was to bring the community outside more often in order to be a constant lookout of the town.

The idea behind this action was to plant flowers and gardens in the front of the home. All gardens were asked to be planted facing the street. Residents used blooming plants like orchids, in addition to other green plants. This brought everyone in the community outside their homes everyday. 

The purpose was that homeowners were obligated to tend to and care for their flowers and green plants on a daily basis outside. Invaders are less likely to break into a home when their neighborhood has many eye witnesses present. For them, the risk is most likely not worth the gain, leading them away from the community.

The best way to protect your home is to be attuned to who and what you are surrounded by. Familiarizing yourself with the usual scenery and people of your community allows you to spot abnormality easily. The more time the homeowners spend outside of their home, the safer they were from burglars. They had become their own security system.

By being outside, they were deterring invaders from attempting to enter their home and are able to watch the homes of their neighbors as well. In 2008, along with the help of new security cameras and volunteers to patrol the neighborhoods, “Operation Flower” was proven a success.

The crime rate had dropped an amazing 80% from 2002. That is definitely flower power! The community still urges residents to be an active part of  "Operation Flower". 

The town is more than pleased with the results and continues to make sure their town is a safe and beautiful place for their families to live. It just goes to show how incorporating flowers in your daily life can also help save your family and home. 

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