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Get Your Own Orchid Named After You

Flowers are often named after beautiful celebrities and socialites. Join the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe by...


Avas Flowers (Press Release)

July 2012 - There are thousands upon thousands of naturally occurring types of orchids, but the market for hybrid orchids has allowed consumers to name the new varieties. The white moth orchid, has gone from being almost impossible to find to an industry staple. However, unique orchids have grown quite popular over the past few years.  

This leaves a fertile market for hybridizers and so-called 'plant artists' who are slowly adding their names to plants and flowers by constantly creating new variations of them. Grocery stores and florists stock orchid plants in many other varieties and hybrids. 


The trends that determine flower popularity seem to depend on what is the most unique. Like many rare objects, consumers always value flowers that are exclusive or difficult to find.

The white moth orchid was once a difficult flower to acquire. With ever-improving technology, importing and growing the orchid has become very easy and the plant is now available everywhere from flower shops, nurseries, to grocery stores. 

This isn’t the first time mass marketing has led to the demise of a flower’s mystique. African violets ceased to seem special when they started showing up all across the United States for next to nothing.  And the Stargazer Lily, developed in the late 1970's, has gone from seemingly nothing to a viable cash cow.

Historically, hybridizing was done to honor royalty.  Royals would then pay collectors to sniff around South America for new varieties, according to the book “The Classic Cattleyas".  Later, plants were hybridized to coincide with the corsage crunch around Easter, Mother’s Day and of course, prom season (which is typically held in June).

According to the International Register of Orchid Hybrids, “It’s become quite trendy to name an orchid for your local school, hospital, anniversary or as social commentary for events and people".  With almost seven years from seed to bloom, these orchids are not traditional and are often named by breeders for honoring their spouses, children, and anybody else that may be important in their lives.

So, you want be immortalized with a flower carrying your name for the rest of time? All you need is about seven years, some creativity, and the right paperwork!

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