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Avas Flowers Is Now Available On Twylah

Avas Flowers has added Twylah to their social networking sites. Twylah makes reading and understanding tweets much easier by...


Avas Flowers (Press Release)

November 2011 - Avas Flowers takes pride in their keeping their customers well informed about their latest news and newest promotions. In order to reach out to as many people as possible, the flower company has added Twylah to their social media sites.

Most people find that Facebook is the most efficient way to communicate due to it’s well organized and simplistic website. Twitter appears to many people as difficult and confusing being that there is no direction as to what to do on the site.

Twylah recognizes this issue and their intention is to a make site that is simplified and associated with Twitter. Avas Flowers sees the advantage of using this in an effort keep all of their existing customers better informed and to welcome new guests.

When someone is browsing a site, the first thing they notice is how effortlessly they are able to move through the site. If it appears to be unorganized and time consuming, they will move on to another.

Avas Flowers understands the importance of navigability, which is why Twylah was added as a social media sites. This not only draws Twitter followers but invites guests who do not have Twitter accounts to be able to access their page and allows their tweets to be read in a direct and clear fashion.

With this site, Avas Flowers is able to categorize all tweets and uploads to make the viewing experience for their followers easier. By doing this, it makes all messages and tweets easier for the reader to understand.

One of the great features of the site is “Power Tweet”. This feature allows the shop to share videos, articles, and other links easily. The page includes the video or other links the shop wishes to share, a link that directs the viewer back to their homepage, and other topic related tweets.

What Avas Flowers likes most about Twylah is that the site allows them to have an actual site with them, instead of just another page.  This allows more to be incorporated into the site the guest is viewing instead of just a stream of tweets.

Twylah allows their to be more exposure for the flower shop on major search engines such as Google and Bing. This makes their page accessible to many more people and makes it much easier.

Avas Flowers is able to have a Twylah page that is fully created around their own tweets. All videos, articles, and great pictures that Avas Flowers shares is easily accessed.

The site organizes all tweets into categories i.e. Christmas, anniversaries, plant care, etc. This helps viewers find exactly what they are looking for much faster and easier.

Adding Twylah as a social media platform will be benefit the flower shop and customers. It provides easy access to helpful hints, plant care videos, gift ideas, and more!

The primary goal of Avas Flowers is to make sure that customers are always satisfied and needs are meet quickly and efficiently. Twylah will no doubt create an easily accessible bridge between company and visitors.

  • Issued by: Danielle Grosin , Florist
  • Company: Avas Flowers
  • City: Mahwah
  • State/Region: NJ
  • Country: United States

  • Categories:
  • Tags: Twylah, Twitter
  • Created: 2011-11-28
  • Date submitted: 2011-11-28
  • Modified: 2011-12-06

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