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Woman Caught Stealing Flowers From Grave Site

Woman gets caught on tape taking flowers from a grave site and then...


Avas Flowers (Press Release)

October 2011 - Betty Nelson, 53 has been caught vandalizing a grave site. The sad news is this isn’t the first time she has committed such a crime. Nelson had also previously been caught stealing flowers from a grave site.

For the crime, she was charged with a felony count for theft and vandalizing a grave site. The probation period is to last a year and a half. The second crime was committed during the period of probation.

The grave site of Joy Spiller was damaged and the theft occurred late at night. It is unknown what she had done with the flowers.

The most common flowers left at grave sites are roses, which is a premium flower of high quality. Betty Nelson was seen ripping blooming plants apart as well as breaking ceramic keepsakes left by family members.

After the original crime of the vandalizing had taken place, Linda Adkins, the daughter of Joy Spiller had secretly placed a camera focusing on the grave site to capture future crimes that may occur.

Talk about having a hunch! Nelson had struck again this time committing the crime of stealing flowers from Joy Spiller’s Lakeview grave site.

With the evidence, police were able to convict Nelson of the crime. Betty Nelson was unable to be reached via phone or by public records for any comments.

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  • Issued by: Mary , Florist
  • Company: Avas Flowers
  • City: Mahwah
  • State/Region: NJ
  • Country: United States

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