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World's Smelliest Flower Blooms

The world's smelliest flower has finally bloomed after growing for 75 years.


Avas Flowers (Press Release)

October 2011 - The world’s smelliest flower has finally bloomed! The bloom is expected to last only three days after growing for 75 years. 

The Titan Arum from the Araceae family stands over six feet tall and is an extraordinary sight to see. Also known as the corpse flower, the Titan Arum only blooms an average of once a decade.

The plant can be naturally found in Indonesia’s rain forests in the Sumatra region. It supposedly smells like rotting human flesh with a mix of burnt sugar and is expected to attract thousands of onlookers while it’s in bloom. 

Researchers state that the odor is strongest at night.The smell is meant to attract pollinators such as flies and bees. The stem becomes warm and emits the scent when the plant is just about ready to polinate.

The largest Arum has weighed in at 200 pounds and grows at a rapid rate of one quarter inch per hour. The plant's blooms generate umbrella-sized petals, while the smell can be detected up to a half a mile away.

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